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Website Investment Yields 2,150% ROI for Local Bake Shop

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Client Background:

Mal Nourished Bake Shop, owned by Mallory Lambert, is a local bakery that initially relied heavily on social media for online exposure and customer engagement.

The Challenge:

Mallory Lambert recognized the need to diversify her online presence and maximize her Return on Investment (ROI). She aimed to have a professional website that would not only display her baked goods and skills but also serve as a cost-effective lead-generation tool.

The Solution:

Mallory Lambert partnered with Upsway Marketing to design and develop a cost-efficient website. The website included the following key components:

1. Product Showcase: A visually appealing and user-friendly interface displayed Mal Nourished Bake Shop's delightful baked goods with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

2. Skills Showcase: Mallory's baking expertise was showcased through a dedicated section on the website, allowing visitors to learn more about her craft.

3. Lead Generation Form: A strategically placed lead generation form simplified inquiries, catering requests, and other bakery-related questions for potential customers.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The website was optimized for search engines to ensure a prominent position in Google search results.

ROI Results:

Mallory Lambert launched her website on April 25th, and in just 7 weeks, the ROI was staggering:

- Inquiries: The website generated 10 inquiries, a valuable resource that Mallory believes she wouldn't have received otherwise. Most inquiries stemmed from Google searches, underlining the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.

- Private Orders: During this period, Mallory received 45 private orders, excluding event orders, with 8 attributed directly to the website. Two orders were regretfully declined due to a fully booked schedule.

- Direct Sales: The 8 direct website orders, averaging $45 each, resulted in approximately $360 in sales.

- Cost-Efficiency: With the website's monthly cost averaging $16, the initial ROI after just 7 weeks was an astounding 2,150%.

Future ROI Outlook:

"I definitely think it's a positive investment to grow outreach past Facebook and Instagram," says Mallory Lambert. She plans to continue leveraging her website during slower summer months and anticipates ongoing growth in ROI.

This case study underscores the resounding success of Upsway Marketing's cost-effective approach, demonstrating how a well-designed website can yield an exceptional ROI of over 2,150% for a small business like Mal Nourished Bake Shop, even with a modest monthly investment of $16.


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