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Speakcheesy's Email Marketing Campaign: 99% Delivery, 75% Open Rate & 12% CTR

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This case study analyzes the email marketing campaign executed by Upsway Marketing on behalf of Speakcheesy, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The campaign aimed to promote Speakcheesy's pre-order form and drive engagement among the target audience. The campaign achieved impressive results by leveraging Upsway Marketing's expertise, as highlighted in the following statistics.

Campaign Overview:

Client: Speakcheesy

Marketing Agency: Upsway Marketing

Campaign Objective: Promote pre-order form for a pop-up event

Target Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Email Campaign Statistics:


Total Emails Delivered: 73

Delivery Rate: 99%

Insights: The high delivery rate indicates that the email infrastructure and sending practices employed by Upsway Marketing effectively ensured the emails reached the intended recipients' inboxes.


Emails Opened: 55

Open Rate: 75%

Insights: The 75% open rate demonstrates the campaign's ability to capture recipients' attention and entice them to engage with the email content. The compelling subject lines and visually appealing design likely contributed to the high open rate.


Emails Clicked: 9

Click Rate: 12%

Insights: Although the click rate of 12% may seem relatively low, it's important to consider that this metric is calculated based on the total delivered emails, not just the opened ones. The 9 clicks indicate that the campaign successfully motivated a portion of the audience to click on the pre-order form link.


Bounced Emails: 1

Bounce Rate: 1.37%

Insights: The low bounce rate of 1.37% suggests that the email list used for the campaign was of high quality, with accurate and up-to-date email addresses. Upsway Marketing's attention to email list hygiene likely contributed to the minimal bounce rate.

Spam Complaints:

Spam Complaints: 0

Insights: The absence of spam complaints indicates that the campaign adhered to best practices and ethical standards in email marketing. This aligns with Upsway Marketing's commitment to delivering engaging content to recipients who have opted to receive communications.


Upsway Marketing's email marketing campaign for Speakcheesy successfully promoted the pre-order form for their pop-up event in Atlanta, Georgia. The campaign achieved high delivery and open rates, indicating effective email infrastructure, compelling content, and visually appealing design. Although the click rate was relatively low, the campaign generated meaningful engagement with a portion of the audience, resulting in click-throughs to the pre-order form. Additionally, the low bounce rate and absence of spam complaints underscore Upsway Marketing's dedication to maintaining a high-quality email list and ethical email marketing practices. Overall, this case study highlights the success of Upsway Marketing in driving awareness and engagement for Speakcheesy through an effective email marketing campaign.


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