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Upsway Marketing Quoted in Recent UpCity Post on "Social Commerce"

UpCity's recent blog post titled "Experts Share Their Best Social Commerce Tips"! In summary, the rise of social commerce as a marketing strategy for SMBs has seen significant growth, with nearly 31% year-over-year expansion during 2020-2023 and an anticipated value of $1.3 trillion in 2023. Social commerce involves direct sales through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and emerging contender TikTok. This approach streamlines the shopping experience, reduces friction, and boosts brand visibility. However, challenges related to data tracking, limited control, and privacy must be navigated, requiring active engagement and tailored strategies to succeed.

Specifically, Nick Fernandez, the founder of Upsway Marketing, was interviewed and quoted:

“Small businesses that are considering social commerce need to establish a strong social media presence, engage with your audience authentically, leverage user-generated content, offer seamless and secure purchasing experiences, and continuously monitor and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging trends and platforms.”


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