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Upsway Marketing Quoted in Recent UpCity Post on "Keyword Research And Competitive Analysis Tips"

UpCity's recent blog post titled "Keyword Research And Competitive Analysis Tips" provides valuable insights into the importance of keyword research and competitor analysis in the digital marketing landscape. It emphasizes the significance of understanding what people are searching for and tailoring online content and marketing strategies accordingly. The post features expert advice and tips from SEO, content marketing, PPC, and digital strategy professionals, covering topics such as conducting keyword research, using the results effectively, and performing comprehensive competitive analysis. The article underscores the role of these practices in helping small businesses stay competitive, attract organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately achieve business goals.

Specifically, Nick Fernandez, the founder of Upsway Marketing, was interviewed and quoted:

“My best tip for conducting a competitor analysis is to approach it with a curious and investigative mindset. Instead of just looking at surface-level metrics like keyword rankings or social media followers, try to dig deeper and uncover the underlying strategies and tactics that your competitors are using to succeed.”


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