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Upsway Marketing Named Top Automotive Web Design Company

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Upsway Marketing Named Top Automotive Web Design Company

"Our [DesignRush's] expert analysts identified the leading automotive web design agencies that help brands create and grow brands that build trust and loyalty among audiences."

In January 2023, DesignRush announced Upsway Marketing as a top automotive website design company! Our high ranking aligns with our mission to be an affordable digital marketing agency that doesn't sacrifice quality.


Upsway Marketing's most recent automotive website design is for Story Cars (, a leading automotive publisher with 250k+ cumulative social media followers. This immense sight is complete with Google AdSense for revenue, a member's page, a store for merch and magazines, and over 2,000+ car blog posts!


Upsway Marketing was founded by Nick Fernandez, then a junior at Berry College. During the remainder of college, he balanced classes and jobs with a newly-found passion for building digital presences for small businesses and startups.

Upsway Marketing has served 30+ current clients across 12 industries. One industry is automotive! Our success is measured by the success of our clients, who have proven heightened reach and higher sales.

We're honored for the recognition and look forward to serving more clients throughout this new year in Atlanta, GA, and across the United States!


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