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Upsway Marketing Featured in Best Startup's Article "Revolutionizing US Advertising: Spotlight on Atlanta’s Innovative Startups"

The article by Best Startup highlights Atlanta's thriving advertising industry with a focus on startups that emerged in 2020 and beyond, showcasing resilience and innovative solutions amid challenges. Atlanta, known as the 'Silicon Peach,' has become a significant tech hub fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. The featured startups challenge norms, infusing innovation into digital and traditional advertising methods. Some notable startups include Peak Community, Clove, AIR Allies in Recruiting, Connections, Karra Media, MyTap, The A Pledge, Upsway Marketing, United in Gaming, Acadia, and Dendro. Upsway Marketing, founded by Nicholas Fernandez, stands out for offering cost-effective and quality marketing services, aiming to elevate small business websites and social media accounts.


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