How To Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.

Specific: create clear goals that you can focus your efforts toward.

  • Example questions: "Why is this important? What's being accomplished? Who is involved? Resources needed?" Basically, answering who/what/when/where/why is the first step.

  • Real-life example: "I want Upsway Marketing to be a significant provider for marketing news and consultation."

Measurable: establish ways to track progress.

  • Example questions: "How much/many? How will I see my progress?"

  • Real-life example: "I'm working to have at least 2,500 unique visitors to the website by the end of the month. I will use the website analytics to track progress."

Achievable: assessing the goal for its attainability.

  • Example questions: "Do I have constraints? Is this goal realistic?"

  • Real-life example: "I believe I have the time and resources to gain a larger website following."

Relevant: ensuring your goals align with the goals of your business/self.

  • Example questions: "Is this worth my time/resources? Is this the right time/place? Am I the right person?

  • Real-life example: "I've audited Upsway Marketing's competitors and believe I can offer differentiated and valuable services."

Timely: create a timeline for achieving your goal(s).

  • Example questions: "What can I do today/in a month/in a year from now?"

  • Real-life example: "By the end of each week I would like Upsway Marketing to see an increase of 15% traffic to the website."