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Upsway Marketing Partners with Georgia FirstGen to Empower First-Generation Students

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Upsway Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides social media and website management services to businesses across diverse industries. Upsway's founder, Nick Fernandez, recently joined the Georgia First Generation Foundation executive board as the Marketing Director.

Georgia FirstGen is a non-profit organization that works to provide educational opportunities to first-generation students in Georgia. With a mission to support young students in pursuing higher education, Georgia FirstGen needed a comprehensive digital marketing plan to increase its outreach and engagement.

As Nick joined the executive board, he realized the first step toward achieving the Foundation's goal was to build a website that amplified its mission and vision. They needed an impactful digital presence to mobilize the community and create awareness about the Foundation's programs.

Nick and his team decided to create a user-friendly website to host all the essential information about the Foundation's work and upcoming events. The agency also designed a section dedicated to stories of Georgia's first-generation students and their success stories. This section highlighted the Foundation's impact on the community and provided a platform for students to share their experiences and inspire others.

Once the website was live, the team focused on developing a robust social media presence to create awareness about the Foundation's work and encourage community support. They started by identifying the Foundation's target audience - first-generation students, family members of first-generation students, and communities that believe in educational equality. They then formulated a social media plan that involved creating a consistent brand voice and identity, showcasing the impact of the Foundation's programs, and creating regular engagement with the community.

To achieve these goals, the Upsway team created social media content that would connect with the audience. They used powerful graphics, videos, and testimonials to showcase the Foundation's impact, highlight student stories, and call for support. The team also developed a content calendar that ensured consistency across all relevant social media channels.

These efforts resulted in a significant increase in the Foundation's outreach and engagement. More students became aware of the Foundation's programs, the community began supporting the Foundation's mission, and social media engagement increased, leading to a next-level representation of the Foundation.

In conclusion, Nick's work with Upsway Marketing in developing a website and social media strategy for Georgia FirstGen exemplifies the role of digital marketing in advancing the mission of non-profits. By creating a solid online presence, Georgia FirstGen was able to amplify its message, inspire the community to support their work, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of first-generation students in Georgia.


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