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Branding, Web, & Social Media Revamp for Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS)

Updated: Feb 27

Medical Consulting Agency Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) partners with Upsway Marketing for website, branding, and social media management
Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) partnered up with Upsway Marketing to create brand guidelines, revamp their website, and manage social media platforms.

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) bring strategic insights and unique perspectives to transform your healthcare organization. Our team identifies, analyzes, and optimizes each person, process, and technology to maximize your revenue cycle. To articulate their services, generate more leads, and publish their media, they partnered up with Upsway Marketing!

Here's an overview of what we've done so far!


1) Branding Guidelines

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) brand guidelines created by Upsway Marketing.
Branding Guidelines for Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) created by Upsway Marketing.

A branding guideline was beyond helpful in creating consistency in designs, text, colors, and logos used in MRCS' marketing collaterals. This guideline aided us in revamping the website and social media more uniformly and recognizably. Before the guidelines and established colors, fonts, and logos, there could be confusion from the viewer's POV. For example, they were hopping from a LinkedIn page to a website with a different color palette and language. Maybe the viewer would double check the name of the site matches the LinkedIn profile.

Overall, brand guidelines are wildly helpful and make content curation easier. For this set of guidelines, we established the previously used colors and how they're used, fonts and their role as headings/subheadings/body, types of images for this healthcare consulting organization, and the varying logos.

From this brand guideline, we could more easily design a website and social media according to the look and feel of the MRCS company.


2) Website Revamp

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) and Upsway Marketing crafted a website
Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) and Upsway Marketing strategically and carefully crafted a website with an improved user experience.

What's the purpose of a website? It varies from site to site, but generally, a website presents information to a specific viewer or audience. Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) is a healthcare consulting company with a bounty of information and media to offer its viewers. For example, they would need pages highlighting their six primary services, pages highlighting their media (book, podcast, articles, and blog), pages to share about the team, a page to show upcoming events, and a page to collect leads.

The hard part is collecting, restructuring, and publishing that information in digestible ways to your audience. A jargon-filled page with paragraphs of information may deter viewers hoping to quickly learn who you are and what you do.

To ensure a positive user experience, we collaboratively tackled our draft website with the MRCS team, going page by page and word by word. MRCS' website is now crafted to convey services in a non-overwhelming way.


3) Social Media Revamp

After establishing the brand guidelines and finalizing the website revamp, Upsway Marketing was ready to prepare its social media platforms for a ready-to-go social media plan and calendar. We sought to create consistency in messaging and designs across all platforms.

Twitter Changes Include:

  • Branded Banner

  • Center, High-Quality PNG Profile

  • Simpler, Descriptive Tagline

  • Added Link & Location

Facebook Changes Include:

  • Mobile-Friendly Cover Photo

  • Updated About Info

  • Added Twitter Handle

  • Elaborated On Services

LinkedIn Changes Include:

  • Fully legible cover photo

  • Descriptive Tagline

  • Optimized About Section

  • Added Specialties

  • Added Relevant Hashtags

Now, MRCS is ready for branded, cross-channel posting to promote their book, podcast, consulting services, team, and more!


Thank you, MRCS, for the opportunity to provide your healthcare consulting business with branding guidelines, a website revamp, and social media management!

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