Frequently asked questions

Where is Upsway Marketing located?

Upsway Marketing LLC is based in the state of Georgia. Although the majority of our clients are from Georgia, we have provided services in three other U.S. states.

How much do your websites typically cost?

On average, our basic websites cost $250. For advanced features and optimization, clients can expect approximately $500 for the build.

After building my website, can you make additional edits?

Absolutely. Upsway Marketing guarantees satisfaction and lifetime edits to all websites based on an hourly service fee.

Does Upsway Marketing cover the hosting and domain fees?

We have helped clients register domains. However, clients will need to set up their own billing information for the payment process. The reason being that domains and hosting plans are variable costs.

When and why was Upsway Marketing founded?

Upsway Marketing was founded in the summer of 2020 by Nick Fernandez. As the pandemic set in, small businesses were forced to compete with a digital presence. Not all small businesses had the expertise or resources to build out social media calendars, marketing strategies, or websites. Seeing the issue, Nick wanted to present cost-effective, quality marketing solutions for small business owners. During that summer and fall of 2020 alone, Upsway Marketing was founded and built a client base of 10 companies.